Contact me to commission custom portraits (people + animals)  hand-drawn on the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil.


Visit my Etsy Shop to purchase original art and art prints, including t-shirts, scarves, pillows, cards, postcards & pins.


You can order any of my artworks as prints.  All prints are printed on the finest quality 100% cotton photo rag paper in archival inks.


HonoUrs Specialist, Visual Arts ................................ 2008

Bachelor of Education, Intermediate/SenioR ............ 2006 


Bachelor of Arts HonoUrs, Visual Arts & EnglisH ..... 2005

Lisa Filion is an artist and visual arts teacher from Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Lisa has been creating art all of her life and enjoys the challenge of working with diverse media. Her work aims to capture the likeness or character of a person or animal while adding a bold twist or abstract design. Working mostly in painted as well as digital media, Lisa is inspired by the intersection between traditional art and digital painting.






Find my work on social media as PixelPrincess & PixelPrincess..Art:


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Cactus on Fuchsia

Hand drawn on the iPad Pro in Procreate 2018

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